Sales from Saturday 29th of October starting 1pm. Apologies for changing the previous schedule. This will allow all deliveries the following week. All buds dry and curing currently.

If you plan on purchasing multiple products to package together, you can select the zero cost shipping option when ordering each one. Then after your orders are confirmed paid, you can pay for shipping separately by ordering the product called "Shipping for multiple orders".


There are three strains that should be available for purchase November 1st from 7pm.
It is mostly Skunk#1 with some small amounts of Bubba Kush and CBD Therapy.

Then in December before Christmas there should be larger quantities of Skunk#1 and a little Bubba Kush again.


Product list

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DXE by tordoctor

Deschloroketamine fine crystal powder. A disassociative anesthetic similar to Ketamine and MXE. Although it is a dissociative, it also has a stimulating effect.

It is a lot stronger than MXE. 20mg is a good starting dose.

One off sale, won't stock this again.

500 mg 95.00 NZD (0.1038 BTC)
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Etizolam solution by tordoctor

Etizolam in propylene glycol solution 2mg/ml. You must measure out the dosage (0.5ml = 1mg) using a pipette and take orally.
Etizolam is similar to Xanax. It is a prescription medication used to treat anxiety and insomnia. Very short acting similar to Halcion in duration. Recommended dosage is 1 mg or less.

After ordering, it will take a day or two before shipping.

50 mg 70.00 NZD (0.0765 BTC)
100 mg 110.00 NZD (0.1202 BTC)
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Skunk #1 by tordoctor

Skunk #1 hydroponic.

14 g 225.00 NZD (0.2459 BTC)
28 g 399.00 NZD (0.436 BTC)
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CBD Therapy by tordoctor

Hydroponic grown strain from CBD Crew bred to have high CBD ratio to THC but there is much variability with their seeds. My experience of this is that it has substantial THC still. Very nice smelling strain like fruit.

Only a small quantity of this will be available.

3 g 60.00 NZD (0.0655 BTC)
7 g 130.00 NZD (0.142 BTC)
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Bubba Kush by tordoctor

Bubba Kush is a sweet, earthy indica strain. Euphoric and relaxing effects. Hydroponic grown.

This did not grow so well and the buds are a bit on the small side and leafy, but still has desired effect.

Only a small quantity of this strain will be available.

3 g 60.00 NZD (0.0655 BTC)
7 g 130.00 NZD (0.142 BTC)
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Shipping for multiple orders by tordoctor

To avoid paying for shipping multiple times, you can purchase this after you have placed orders for products you want packaged together.

You may wait until your other orders have status paid before purchasing this.

1 packages 0.00 NZD (0.0 BTC)